Health Benefits Of Massage

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Health Benefits Of Massage


The massage is by no means a new concept, but nevertheless it sometimes becomes more conscious for us, and sometimes a little forgotten, except that we are reminded of it, especially when tensions or muscle problems torture us. A good massage, although not a miracle cure, can work wonders. Stiff muscles, tense neck and back. We often just don’t feel some tension anymore, because we are used to it as massage for the sea-laying, and that’s not really a good thing. Much of this is certainly also a consequence of our life habits and often above all of our work habits.

But not only our physical side is treated with a massage, it also goes deep into the soul, the peace, and also the physical contact with another person plays along.

Massage tables as a replacement and supplement

In addition to the classic hand massage, which is still mentioned, massage couches can also help us if we suffer from tension or inner restlessness. Especially the progress in technology produces new implementations. This type of equipment is not only helpful if a personal visit to a masseur is not possible for whatever reason, but can also complement these visits. Of course it is also advantageous that they are always available to us, a personal masseur, on the other hand, very few will call their own. One of the advantages of massage tables is that they are always there for us when we simply need a good massage, especially in moments of stress or strong muscular problems or in case of tension, a thoroughly beneficial little oasis.

The magic of putting on hands

One of the most important parts of a massage are the hands and their warmth, and certainly also the skills of your masseur. With the help of learned massage techniques a good masseur can knead your tense muscles, freely manipulate knots and stimulate your blood and lymph circulation, which helps to strengthen your immune system. A massage can also improve sprains after an injury and often accelerate healing. But not only can a massage treat the physical elements of our existence, a relaxation massage also provides a feeling of security, deep relaxation and incomparable peace for the soul, which often supports healing processes.

What to expect from an appointment

At an appointment for a massage, one surely expects to be treated first and foremost respectfully. It should never be expected of you to be fully undressed, for example, but a part should always be covered with a blanket. So: a decent covering should always be there, but this not only protects your privacy, but also keeps you warm, and especially warmth is a very important factor during a massage.

Massage techniques range from effleurage as a basic technique, which is very effective, stimulating and calming, kneading during petrisage, to the more intensive techniques of pressure with thumbs, fingers and/or elbows. Movements such as tapping are used to promote your circulation, as good circulation is essential for healing and the immune system. These and other techniques are used in combinations depending on the personal needs of the client.

Advantages – Where it does you good

Massage is not a substitute for medical treatments, but it serves as an excellent compliment in many areas:

  • Relief or relief from stress, anxiety and depression
  • Promotes healing of emaciated muscles or ligaments
  • Stimulation of the circulation in the body and thus also of the immune system
  • Deep relaxation, which is seldom experienced with other treatments
  • Physical well-being during the whole body massage
  • Release of old accumulated injuries
  • Which parts of the body can be massaged?

Almost every part of the body has its own massage treatment.

However, some are not practiced as often for privacy reasons.

Popular massages are:

  • massage-hand-armneck and shoulder massage
  • back massage
  • Hand and arm massage – especially calming for elderly people
  • Foot massage – normally the calf takes this with it, but can also contain some reflexology.
  • Full leg massage
  • Abdomen Massage
  • Full body massage
  • Contraindications of massage

A massage treatment is not the right thing for every situation. There are already contraindications that should not be ignored. Some situations where massage should not be done are:

  • Fever
  • infections
  • Open wound
  • blood clots
  • cancer
  • bone problems like osteoporosis or arthritis
  • pregnancy

Even if there are a few situations in which massage should not be used, massage, whether through the hands of a trained masseur or with the help of modern massage tables, is still a wonderful means not only to help tired muscles to new life, but also to strengthen the immune system and not least our mental well-being.

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