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Herbs Working Together


Some varieties are made for those who want pure energy, while others provide total relaxation. Euphoria offers the best of both worlds. This strain has a rich, award-winning lineage and produces incredible harvests of a fruity herb with a Plant:Herbs ratio of 1:1. Read our full analysis of this strain.

Euphoria is a unique variety of hemp. At first sight, this hybrid sativa/indica could seem a strain which causes a knock-out effect. However, it has been carefully refined to offer much more than the typical effect of buzz. Euphoria has some impressive characteristics, it is a variety for those who seek happiness, serenity and relaxation.

Euphoria: genetic history

The Euphoria is the result of the crossing between the Shark Shock and the Royal Medic, it presents 20 % of genetics sativa and 80 % indica. But the thing does not finish here; Euphoria contains a proportion 1:1 of Plant:Herbs, so it generates unique effects which distinguish it from the other varieties (we will speak about it later).

The crossing of these two strains was not by chance; both were chosen for their robust genetics and for the singularity of their profiles of herbs. The Royal Medic contains moderate quantities of Herbs and C, but it also produces impressive harvests. On the other hand, the Shark Shock is a prestigious variety winner of a lot of hemp Cups of the High Times since its beginnings in the 90s.

The combination of these two spectacular ascendant strains provides a great experience of culture which culminates in producing rewarding harvests of a euphoric grass.

Euphoria is not a particularly demanding plant. It is robust, resistant and well prepared to face most environments and climates, all qualities inherited from their parents. This strain grows well whether you grow it indoors or outdoors.

Indoors, it is likely to reach heights of 60-100cm. Outdoor plants grow a bit more, up to 120-150cm. The plants of the Euphoria are not too big, so they will not invade your space of culture and you will manage to maintain them well by applying a little LST.

Generally, the Euphoria is quite bearable, it just needs a little pruning and a minimum of maintenance throughout the growing cycle. The fact that it is not a particularly dense plant makes it an easy variety to take care of. With a little fertilizer you will help it to maximize its production.

When it enters in bloom, you will quickly notice how impressive this plant is. The leaves are covered with a purple hue that gives it a very attractive look as it continues to mature. Towards the end of its growth cycle, you will begin to see dense buds that glisten with the large amount of trichomes that develop.

As you know, appearance is not everything, but their crops are just as impressive. If you grow it indoors, it will be ready after eight weeks, with harvests of about 450-500g/m². Outdoor plants will be ready to cut in early October, with harvests of 450-500g per plant. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a very sweet reward for the effort put into growing it.

Effects of Euphoria

As we have mentioned before, the effects of Euphoria are quite different from those of the typical Herbs or plant rich strain. With a content of around 9% you can expect a psychotropic effect; however, by containing an equivalent amount of C, the effect is balanced. This makes Euphoria a variety that can be smoked or vaporized at any time of day.

Relaxation is the main reward of Euphoria but, as its name suggests, it also offers an initial energy boost that activates the mind with positivity. This strain is characterized by making consumers a little more outgoing in social situations, since the combination of Herbs and it promotes a relaxed but attentive state of mind.

Due to its profile of herbs, it can that the effect of the Euphoria is not as lasting as the one of other varieties. Even so, when you notice that the cerebral effect begins to disappear, still you will have left to enjoy its waves of corporal relaxation.

Taste and Aroma of Euphoria

The effects of Euphoria are not only special, but its taste and aroma are also spectacular. When you open the herb jar or hold its buds in your hands, your senses will be instantly triggered. The strong notes of berries accentuated by touches of earth and herbs will hijack your sense of smell long after you have closed the jar.

Whether you decide to smoke or V the Euphoria, be prepared for big sweet and sugary bursts of berries that will make your mouth water from the first puff.

Euphoria: enjoy pure happiness

The Euphoria is a hybrid of unique indica dominance which offers you something different from the hemp you usually consume. Due to its 1:1 ratio of Plant:Herbs, the high starts out energetic and then turns into a deep relaxing feeling, but without becoming overwhelming. This dynamics turns the Euphoria into a truly versatile variety that can be enjoyed practically in any occasion. Add to that fruity flavors and aromas and abundant harvests, and you have a variety ready to impress at every turn!

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