Holistic Energetic Massage

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Holistic Energetic Massage


According to our knowledge, the “classical massage” which is common in our country does not take into account either the wholeness or the energy of the person and it was important for us to add these points of view.

For us, this includes attentiveness in touch, an accepting inner attitude and the appropriate outer framework. This is how a massage method was created that takes new trends in health care into account.

Holistic Energetic Massage is a good way to get a pleasurable, tension-solving touch. It involves the whole person, including energetic perspectives, in the massage process (although it does not have to be a full body massage in every case).

GEM is composed of the effective components of various massage methods. New connections from western and eastern massage practices make the method particularly attractive. First and foremost, it is a feel-good massage consisting of the following parts:

Classical massage

Since the beginning of the last century the “Swedish Massage” has spread in Northern Europe, which in many parts corresponds to the “Classical Massage” we have today. It is used in most massage practices and is also a component of GEM.


Also some eastern practices sometimes only see the energy flow along the meridians, but not the whole human being. In GEM the oneness of body, mind and soul as well as the existential networking with the environment is seen. This means that the outer touch also includes the inner touch and when working on a muscle something happens to the whole person in his oneness.


The GEM also works with the energy body. If, for example, physical tensions are released through massage, the GEM assumes that energy is also set in motion. The question is important, what happens with this released energy. In most cases it can be “channeled” through massage. Depending on the direction in which the energy is massaged, the massage can be either stimulating and refreshing (sympathetic – oriented) or harmonising and relaxing (parasympathetic – oriented).

Biodynamic Massage

Furthermore some elements of the biodynamic massage (Gerda Boyesen) are integrated in GEM. Gerda Boyesen describes hands, feet and head as the exits of the body. When these exits are free, it is possible to communicate with the surrounding energy. Therefore, the massage often starts at the outer parts of the body. In addition, the classical method does not know any massage of the head at all. For this reason it has been adopted from the biodynamic massage, as well as some parts of the Biorelease relaxation massages.

Eastern techniques and new connections

Some aspects of acupressure and handles from the Chinese Tuina massage were taken from the eastern massage practice. In GEM they are connected with the mentioned elements and effectively combined.

The biodynamic massage is based on Western energy work, which became famous mainly through Wilhelm Reich. It is based on the assumption that life energy pulsates in all cells of living bodies.

The different methods complement each other, because there is only one life energy, even if it is based on different theories.

Touch and being touched

The graduate of our school touches and the client is touched, which means that there are always two touches involved. Touching is also being touched in any case. That is why massage is always communication between two people.

As a rule it does not only remain with this outer touch, it also comes to an inner touch. It is important to perceive the emotional touch as well as the tactile touch, for the client as well as for the massager.
And quite apart from the technical side, just touching and being touched has a healing effect.

The Holistic Energetic Massage also deals with these more spiritual connections, which are included in the work. Because the basic attitude and the mindfulness in touch are decisive. This is the only way to let go. Preparatory mindfulness exercises and meditations therefore flow into the training.

Changes in the massage landscape

The changes and savings in the healthcare sector are opening up career prospects for the future. Massage offers the possibility of helping people to feel good and reduce stress by restoring the body’s ability to regulate itself.

The health, fitness and wellness wave is experiencing enormous growth rates in our society. Feeling good and being fit is becoming increasingly important. People realize that they have to do something themselves if they want to stay healthy and active.

GEM represents a solid, sustainable basis for a new freelance activity. Wellness facilities and fitness studios employ our “GEMsen”. The massage method can also be well integrated into an existing practice (e.g. cosmetics, health advice, foot care, sauna‚Ķ).

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